If Your Indoor Cat Vomits (Do This Every Day). Tabs, Mon., Sept. 14, 2020

If Your Indoor Cat Vomits (Do This Every Day). Tabs, Mon., Sept. 14, 2020
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He means it.

Or if you prefer the written word: Trump Endorses Extrajudical Killings. 'There Has To Be Retribution.' — HuffPost

Trump officials interfered with CDC coronavirus reports. I thought we knew this? Did we not know this? Guess I better read the tab. (Politico)

Clackamas County Sheriff's deputy explaining to militia members that he's with them, he's on their side, and if they need to shoot somebody they should throw a knife on their body. — Youtube via Reddit

Clackamas County Sheriff and Militiawww.youtube.com

I moved on her very heavily. Part three of E. Jean Carroll's series interviewing her fellow Trump molestees, and oh, the fun and laughter the crones have because what are they going to do, not that??? — The Atlantic

Who is Theresa Greenfield, the woman running against Joni Ernst? Well, it's her. A nice, boring woman they're lyyyyyinnnng about. Or as Liz put it in the chatcave, The GOP's project of blaming the poor for the externalities of globalization and unchecked capitalism is such a human catastrophe. That too, Liz. That too. (Gazette)

Marcy Wheeler has some Thoughts on Glenn Greenwald going on Tucker to beg Trump personally to pardon Julian Assange. They are mean thoughts! (EmptyWheel)

Not sure why today's Bag on Glenn Greenwald Day, but apparently Ben Smith is getting some licks in on the Intercept and I'm not mad about it. I also haven't read it, it's Sunday night, who has the time for that. — New York Times

How Facebook became a haven for misinformation. — Business Insider

Hahahahaha okay.

Netflix really shouldn't have used the sexy pic to advertise Cuties, which is about how preteen girls shouldn't be sexualized duh fucking obvs. (Vox) Vox)

State Department emails about Susan Pompeo wanting them to do allll her shiiiit. (Kansas City Star)

Pompeo's bringing his dinners back. — NBC News

Spinach mango salad. I had every one of these things in my fridge including shallots because now thanks to Penzeys for the first time in my life I always (or ever) have shallots. (Omnivore)

Toots Hibbert, 77. (NPR)

Willie Nelson - I'm A Worried Man ft. Toots Hibbertwww.youtube.com

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