Illegal Aliens From Space (Mexico) Pay More Taxes Than G.E.

Illegal Aliens From Space (Mexico) Pay More Taxes Than G.E.

Hi friends! Just checking in to let you know that undocumented immigrants paid an estimated$11.2 billion in local taxes last year -- that's $11.2 billion more than G.E. forked over, even though General Electric is a documented corporation that makes billions and billions of dollars! (Gawd it must be so sexy being a gelatinous corporate monster that doesn't have to pay taxes, cuz you literally own our sad, sad, sad country.) Ergo: THE BROWN TACO DEMONS WHO DON'T SPEAK AMERICAN PAY MORE TAXES THAN G.E. And so do hopeless college students who earn negative $80,000 every year, because of Sallie Mae loan scams! Even if you haven't paid your taxes yet -- we haven't! -- you have still paid more taxes than G.E., since they received a tax benefit of $3.2 billion. Ha-ha, time for another visit to the liquor store.

Shit is wack. "So it goes." [NY Daily News]


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