Illin' Like A Villian

* What he's looking for isn't so much an Iraq Czar, as a Stephen Hadley Policy Fixer And Blame Taker. [NYT]

* Supporting a failing war gives Republicans a delicious feeling of persecution, you know, like Jesus had. [WP]

* Deterioration of Iraq to go unnoticed until September. [LAT]

* Condi Rice doesn't want to hear that George Tenet's pre-9/11 warnings were ignored. [NYT]

* That Tony Snow is returning to work before starting chemotherapy does make it sound like something has spread to his brain. [WP, NYT]

* Lawyer investigating Rove is himself being investigated for shady dealings, winner to receive a shiny fiddle made of gold. [WP]

* Her claws are razors already, so Mark Penn focuses on sharpening Hillary's message. [WP]

* World Bank officials worry that a "public airing of the high salaries at the bank" may cause people in impoverished areas the bank supposedly helps to bang their rudimentary agricultural tools on the ground and furrow their brows. [NYT]

* Corporate America won't see their old friends through hard times, now donating exclusively to Democrats. [WSJ]


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