Illinois Senate Race: Well, Someone Is Sure Getting Whipped Now

he_loves_him_some_exhibitionismWith Clinton so much in the news, it's good to know that the Dems are not the only party who can overlook a candidate's outlandish sex-freak ways. Illinois senatorial GOP candidate Jack Ryan's divorce papers have been plaguing him the entire campaign and the latest revelations are Starr report-level steamy: In them, Ryan's ex-wife (Jeri Ryan, former alien hottie, later cast in the equally improbable role of a Boston public school teacher) accuses him of taking her to several sex clubs and says he asked her to get jiggy with him in front of other couples. Bright side for the family values folks: She insists he didn't cheat on her.

And speaking of fidelity: The Republicans, at least at this point, are sticking by their man. True, sources at BC04 say that the campaign will steer clear of Illinois, since allegations of sex clubs with "cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling" give an exciting if unwholesome connotation to the term "battleground state."

Still, the National Republican Senatorial Committee doesn't mind Ryan's swinging state: "We're not looking at trying to replace Jack Ryan. He's an excellent candidate," said a spokesman, "We feel this race will be decided on the issues." Of course. Those issues being missionary versus doggie style, edible undies versus flavored lube, and fur-covered handcuffs versus knowing better than to risk your entire political career over some cheap exhibitionism.

Ryan file a bombshell [Chicago Tribune]


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