Illiterate Republican Truther-Birther-Nut Posts Satirical (?) Event On Obama's Old MySpace


Oh man this truther-birther nut pulled a fast one and you need to know about it! During the 2007-2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama's web robots made this sort of community-Faceybook deal called "My Barack Obama," so the liberals could hold sex parties in their gentrified-neighborhood townhouses and it would be "for Obama." Well: That website is apparently still online, so look what this sneaky fellow went and did to it, on his personal "My Barack Obama" web page. Pwned?

Umm, so what's he going on about, anyway? Let's read it, together:

Volunteer sign up for Obama's Civilain National Security Force.It's finally here as promised in Colorado speech!! Stimulos sgnup checks available. $60K to startearn bonusmoney for ratting on fellow citizens. Decoder ring for frast 100 applicants. Exciting career oprtunity to meet new people, bitch slap them and interogate them. Make interrogation fun again with the Obama CNSF. Promised in Colorado....DELIVERED IN WASHINGTON....AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE.

Ha, um, what?

Here is what this person sees when they close their eyes, at the home:


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