We Really, Really Hope It's a Joke

Do you fantasize about Karl Rove ordering you to "thoroughly inspect HIS package for any massive weapons of destruction"? Perhaps you'd like to see "his Chief of Staff standing at attention"? You are not alone. The webmistress of not only shares your passion for his "husky-boy-sized machismo," but is willing to dish about the Non-electable Nine as well:

i'll eat your spotted dick any day, rovey!Governor Howard Dean - Tee hee! My Rovey's got a little crush on Dr. Dean. . . It got to the point where I said Rovey, Honey, would you just like me to go on the interweb and print out a Howard Dean mask for myself so you can flush it out of your system? Little did I know how that would lead to nights upon nights of "Turn your head and cough, Mr. Rove", or role-playing Benedict Arnold and the Green Mountain Boys with a computer printout taped to my face, but heck, if it gets me more time to civilly unite with him, the Doctor is in, sweet Rovey, WAY in.

Erection 2004 []


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