I'm Feeling Okay This Morning

  • Hurricane Ike knocked out power to millions of homes and businesses in Texas and Louisiana but didn't kill a lot of people. [Washington Post]
  • Pakistanis are getting angrier about the US' unauthorized border crossings, and last night Pakistani troops fired into the air to keep troops from entering Waziristan. [BBC]
  • Pretty much every big bank in America is failing. Lehman Brothers announced it will go into bankruptcy, while Merrill Lynch will sell itself to Bank of America. [New York Times]
  • And now insurer AIG is looking shaky. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Barack Obama has started talking more about the economy and "bread and butter" issues on the stump, and issued a statement today blaming Republicans' economic philosophies for the current financial shitstorm we're enduring [Politico, AP]
  • The season premiere of Saturday Night Live, featuring Tina Fey as America's sweetheart Sarah Palin, got its highest ratings since 2001. [Reuters/Hollywood Reporter]

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