I'm Gone Like Duke Cunningham

From a loyal Wonkette reader:

Politics is all fine and dandy but some of us read Wonkette to worship at the altar of "THE STICK"--whose worshipping has been in mighty short supply since Ana took off to be Big Shot Writer. Please take pity on us poor Butterstick Acolytes and give us what we want--more glad tidings of that Avatar of World Peace, the One True Hope of all Mankind, the King of Cutiness, His Round Fuzzy Furry Butterstickilicious. In these days of grim political tidings, a heaping helping of his Butteryness is needed more than ever.

Please pretty please with butter on top!


A Slave to the Stick

So all day I should have been publishing panda porn?

You people are sick; I'm out. Tomorrow's Wonkette will be the libertine Instapundit himself, Glenn Reynolds. Maybe he'll be more amenable to satisfying you panda perverts. As for the rest of you, those who liked my writing today but thought it could stand to be a bit drier and more policy oriented should follow the trail of blogcrumbs back to Tapped or my eponymous site, where all your wishes will come true.


Tapped [The American Prospect]

Pandas Banging [GiantPandaBear.com]


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