"I'm Sorry.... You Can't Get an Abortion"

Birthday Bear-1The New York Times has posted a PDF of a portion of Harriet Miers' correspondence while she was a Texas state official. Her giggly enthusiasm for the then-Governor Bush approaches parody, using more exclamation points than your average Livejournaler to express such thoughts as "You and Laura are the greatest!" and "Cool!" There is also a curious warning from Bush against "no more public scatology."

But most disturbing? Her reliance on greeting cards, including one for a belated birthday that appears to have picture of an adorable panda sad-faced puppy* on the front. On the inside it reads:

This is the wish

That should have been sent

Before your birthday

Came and went.

Hallmark will need to start a whole new line for her Supreme Court decisions: "Penumbra be damned / It just goes to show / You can't be a Christian / And not overturn Roe." Or maybe, "I think gays / Should have the same rights / But sodomy's not one of them / Let them sleep alone nights."

To be fair, she does write her own inscription in the cards, so maybe she'll add a personal touch to the decisions as well. We can't wait: "I thought the government's case for torturing prisoners was the best argument ever!"

*As near as we can tell. Damn the NYT for not posting in color!

Harriet Miers [NYT]

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