I'm Worth a Million In Prizes With My Torture Film, Drive a GTO, Wear a Uniform, All On Government Loan


  • Nancy Pelosi's new idea is for the House to pass the Senate's health-care reform by not voting for it. [Washington Post]
  • America's remaining employed people would very much like to just stay in their jobs forever, quietly, not getting in the way, until death -- but Things Have Changed and they will all be fired long before retirement age, which is now 70. [Reuters]
  • Texas has bravely removed Thomas Jefferson from its school history books, because he didn't love Jesus enough. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Iggy and the Stooges finally won a "rock & roll hall of fame" award, but Iggy's the only one left alive, and he shared the honors (?) with Genesis and the Hollies and ABBA. [Detroit Free Press/NYT]
  • If your boner quits working, you're probably going to die soon, from a heart attack. Sorry dudes. [CNN]

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