Imagine Reading This Daily Briefing While Driving To Work, On Public Roads!


  • A good place for the Internet to go is the dashboard of moving cars. This is just science! [New York Times]
  • Failed Nigerian Terrorist was formally charged with failing to blow up an airplane—or "attempted murder," in legalese. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The government of Yemen announced that Failed Nigerian Terrorist joined al-Qaeda in London, located just outside of Yemen. [Times Online]
  • Later today Barack Obama will publicly reveal why America's intelligence agencies left the job of thwarting the plane bomb up to the plane bomb. [AP]
  • Interior Secretary Ken Salazar might run for governor of Colorado, one of our nation's interior states. [Washington Post]
  • No, it's not just you: it is unconscionably cold. CONTINUE COMPLAINING UNABATED. [CNN]

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