Supreme Court Not Too Concerned About Coronavirus, Says Asylum-Seekers Can Just Stay In Cages In Mexico

To be clear, Trump's Supreme Court did not mention coronavirus. We're talking about brown foreign people, after all!

It's a day that ends in "y," so we're screwing over immigrants again.

Thanks to an order from the US Supreme Court, The US government gets to keep throwing asylum seekers into dangerous and inhumane camps and shelters in Mexico, so that's just lovely.

Last Friday, the government asked the judicial branch of the Trump administration Supreme Court to let them keep locking up legal immigrants in cages in Mexico. Yesterday, the Court did its thing and bent over backwards in order to accommodate yet another horrific and discriminatory policy from the Trump regime.

Because why worry about things like "the law" or "basic human rights" when there's a racist fascist to placate?

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Who Gave STAND DOWN Order To Remove Coronavirus Posters In Immigration Courts?

Probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. Like racism, probably.

Staffers at immigration courts across the country had a good idea: Put up posters designed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in multiple languages, to inform people of the steps they should take to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. The posters were suggested in an email yesterday from the National Association of Immigration Judges, the union that represents judges in the US immigration courts. Because hey, immigration court is definitely one place that immigrants with ongoing cases have contact with the US government.

And then some asshole higher up in the immigration hierarchy got wind of the posters, and ordered they be removed, because it wasn't the immigration judges' turn to give a fuck about immigrants' health.

Fortunately, there's a semi-happy ending, so far: Hours after the Miami Herald reported the story this morning, the Justice Department contacted the Herald to say oops, big mistake, the order to take the posters down was wrong, no harm no foul, OK? So at least for now, they can go back up. Just run a few more off on the office printer, 'kay? All is well, and perish the thought that anyone wants immigrants to get sick and die, however popular that might be at a Trump rally.

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Judge Declares Ken Cuccinelli An Illegal

So when do we deport him?

A federal judge in Washington DC ruled yesterday that Ken Cuccinelli's appointment as (acting) director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) was illegal, and that two major policy changes Cuccinelli put in place are also illegal. US District Judge Randolph Moss ruled that Cuccinelli's appointment violated the Federal Vacancies Reform Act (FVRA), but Moss graciously didn't impose additional penalties on the administration for making him work on a Sunday.

Donald Trump has a long history of ignoring the Vacancies Reform Act, which requires that when certain top agency positions come open, they have to be filled by the "first assistant" in the chain of command. Trump prefers appointing loyalists who have no qualifications for their jobs, because he is a lawless dipshit.

Judge Moss's decision seems especially apt in Cuccinelli's case, since it underlines some basic points Trump's supporters keep yelling about immigration: If you don't enforce the law, you don't have a country; people who get their jobs illegally can't be trusted; and if Cuccinelli wants to be director of USCIS, he should get in line and be confirmed by Congress like everybody else.

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Bill Barr's DOJ Gives Fox News New Excuse To Flash Scary Mexican Videos At Your Grandma

Like everything involving immigrants, it's a crisis!

The Trump administration's total war on immigrants took another big step forward this week, as the Justice Department opened a whole new section devoted to stripping US citizenship from naturalized citizens who lied on their citizenship application forms. The DOJ is spinning it as an effort to rid America of the very worst, scummiest criminals who have wormed their way into Our Great Nation, no doubt due to liberals who hate America. The actual number of people who'll end up losing their citizenship is likely to be small -- in the hundreds, at most -- but the new "Denaturalization Section" of the Office of Immigration Litigation will help achieve some top administration goals: It will reinforce the narrative that immigrants in general are criminals and all pre-Trump laws were too lax, plus it will send immigrants the message that they're never safe -- not even after they become citizens.

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