A Year Later, Trump Admin Finds Info On Some Stolen Kids' Parents Stapled To Wall Behind Old Ziggy Cartoon

To be fair, everyone was busy trying to steal the election.

The legal teams tasked by a federal judge with finding the parents of all the kids stolen during the Trump administration's family separation policy got some good news for a change. Just a year after the judge ordered the administration to turn over all the files it had that might help reunite the families, the Justice Department coughed up new data that may help locate more of the parents, many of whom were deported in 2017 and 2018.

Wasn't that nice? At least the files didn't get deleted. What a kind magnanimous hero Donald Trump is.

The new release of information was revealed in a court filing Wednesday, as part of a regular status in the ongoing case. The attorneys wrote in the filing that "Among other things, the information includes phone numbers that had not previously been known," so that's probably going to help find at least some of the parents of the 628 kids whose parents still haven't been located after all this time.

Jesus Christ in a caravan, we are definitely the baddies.

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Nice Time

Shiny Normal Things Roundup

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Shiny Normal Thing! Joe Biden To Let Refugees Come To America Again!

Make America Decent Again.

After the Trump administration's war on immigration, which sought to all but eliminate the admission of refugees, President-elect Joe Biden is promising to return the US to what passes for the civilized world by once again letting people left homeless by war and natural disaster find ... what's that word? Yes, refuge in America.

As NPR reports,

In 2016, President Barack Obama aimed to admit 110,000 refugees. President Trump lowered the cap on refugee admissions every year of his presidency. For fiscal year 2021, he set the cap at 15,000, the lowest on record.

Biden promises to take a starkly different approach from his predecessor: to "set the annual global refugee admissions cap to 125,000, and seek to raise it over time."

Good thing we didn't let Stephen Miller sandblast the poem off the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty!

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Judge Tells Acting Chad To Go Hang

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Ruling in a duo of cases, Batalla v. Wolf and State of New York v. Trump, Judge Garaufis found DHS chief Chad Wolf "was not lawfully serving as Acting Secretary of Homeland Security" when he issued a memo suspending DACA last summer.

For those keeping count, this is at least the seventh time a federal court has struck down Trump's attempts to fuck over Dreamers.

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