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Texas Asshole Wants To Share Good News About ‘Mostly Elderly & Hispanics’ Dying From COVID-19

Vance Ginn is one of the worst people in a state with at least one Ted Cruz.

The Texas Department of State Health Services released more comprehensive data about the state's COVID-19 deaths, and it's depressing and shameful. Before Monday, there were significant gaps in the state's racial and ethnic breakdowns of deaths, but now we know that Hispanic residents are disproportionate victims of COVID-19. They are 40 percent of the population but make up 47 percent of total deaths.

This is terrible news — unless you're a racist monster like Vance Ginn, who sees nothing but upsides. The chief economist for the Texas Public Policy Foundation tweeted this data with a twisted joie de vivre you don't see often see among the human soul having.


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2020 presidential election

Move Over Lincoln Project, The Trump Campaign Also Too Makes The Coolest Ads!

Look, Spanish speakers! Canned beans!

If this is the state of the Trump campaign after the demotion of Hairball, everybody better look out, because they are making the coolest, most creative ads. We don't know why they're feeling so threatened by the Lincoln Project that they have to plant hit pieces in the New York Post, because if these ads are any indication, everybody is definitely going to rush to the polls and say, "I stand with Russia and mass pandemic graveyards, therefore I vote Trump!"

Take this Spanish-language ad, which speaks to Spanish-speaking voters right where they want to be spoken to, which is in the language of canned beans. After all, Trump is an expert on Hispanic culture. Except for that time he called Mexicans rapists and stole migrant children from their mommies at the border and put them in concentration camps and deported their families and all the other times. But he ate that taco-bowl-shaped thing from the Trump Tower taqueria, or at least he posed for a picture with it.

ANYWAY. This ad seeks to get Spanish-speaking voters on Trump's side by showing them lots and lots and lots and lots of Goya beans. We are not even sure why they needed to make it, considering how probably all Latinx Americans started donating to the Trump campaign when Ivanka tweeted that picture of herself with the Goya beans and then Trump tweeted that picture of himself with the Goya beans.

Look, Spanish speakers! Beans!

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2020 presidential election

Joe Biden Gonna Ban Windows, And Other Highlights From Trump's Rose Garden Derp Manifesto Of Blarp

He's getting so much worse.

ACHTUNG! BREAKING! Donald Trump is fucking crazy!

Okay, that's not really news. But even the New York Times is like "Holy shit, dude, he's completely off his rocker!" after the president's insane Rose Garden speech yesterday.

"Even for those who follow Mr. Trump regularly and understand his shorthand, it became challenging to follow his train of thought," Peter Baker wrote last night. Which is Timestalk for "MAYDAY! MAYDAY!"

After whiffing his sit-down with CBS's Catherine Herridge, who made her name flogging stories at Fox News about poor, naive Michael Flynn being framed by the Deep State, and can hardly be described as a hostile interviewer, Trump assembled reporters at 5:30 p.m. for a Rose Garden "press conference" to discuss his recently signed order stripping preferential trade status from Hong Kong.

Sorry about your human rights, Hong Kongers. But hey, look on the bright side, if Hong Kong loses, then America must be winning!

And we're going to do a lot more business because of it, because we just lost one competitor. That's the way it is. We lost a very, very serious competitor. A competitor that we incentivized to take a lot of business and do well. And we gave them a lot of business by doing what we did. We gave them things that nobody else had the right to do, and that gave them a big edge over other markets. And because of that edge, they've done really historic business, tremendous business — far bigger than anybody would have thought, years ago, when we did this gift. It was really a gift to freedom.

Then he moved on to his real theme: Biden Wants to Sell the US to China for a Green New Deal.

"Joe Biden's entire career has been a gift to the Chinese Communist Party and to the calamity of — of errors that they've made. They made so many errors. And it's been devastating for the American worker," he blarped.

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Trump Administration Drops Stupid War On Foreign College Students, For Now

Next outrageous fuckery in five ... four ... three ...

The Trump administration yesterday dropped its week-old rule that would have forced foreign students to leave the USA if the American schools they're attending held entirely online courses this fall. Harvard and MIT sued the administration the day after the rule was announced last week, and the end of the stupid policy was announced at what was to have been the first hearing in that case, the first of many lawsuits against the rule.

US District Court Judge Allison Burroughs said the school's request for an injunction against the rule was moot because the administration had agreed to rescind the policy, and then presumably everyone at both universities held a toga party, except at MIT the togas were worn by robots.

The proposal, which would have affected an untold number of students attending American schools on student visas, had thrown planning for the fall semester into even more chaos than it already had been because of the resurgence of coronavirus around the country. So hooray, back to the regular degree of Hell Year 2020 chaos!

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