Republicans Fixin' To Impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas For Seizing Too Much Fentanyl ... Or Something?

Are they mad he won't share?

After that little hiccup electing a leader — 15th time's a charm! — Republicans are wasting no time in getting down to the people's business now that they're back in control of the House of Representatives. Unfortunately it's the literal dumbest people's business that they're concerned with, so if you've got a crazy uncle who believes all that shit about MIGRANT CARAVAN and OPEN BORDERS and IMMIGRANT CRIME WAVE, then maybe steer clear for a couple weeks.

Texas Rep. Pat Fallon has introduced articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for the grave crime of havin' a funny name.

Well, no, not literally, but it's almost that dumb. Fallon cites to a 2006 statute known as the Secure Fence Act which he says obliges the DHS secretary to seal the border and not let any undocumented immigrants in. If it ain't water tight, excepting of course the Rio Grande, then you must impeach! Millions of undocumented migrants crossed the border under Donald Trump, of course, but that was different, see, because, he was unbelievably cruel and broke up families, so you know his heart was in the right place.

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Supreme Court Tells Joe Biden Only Trump Can Do That

Immigration edition.

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Title 42, the Trump administration policy that allows for rapid deportation of most undocumented immigrants even before they can request asylum, will stay in place while the Court considers a lawsuit brought by Republican states. The Biden administration has been trying to wind down Title 42 for much of the year.

Most recently, the program was supposed to end on December 21, but then Arizona and 18 other red states sued to keep it in place. The Supremes poked their heads out of their burrows yesterday, saw Stephen Miller's shadow, and voila, we have six more months of Title 42. The Court will hear arguments in the case in February, and isn't likely to change its order blocking the end of Title 42 until it issues a final decision in June, or ever.

As is his occasional wont, Neil Gorsuch voted with the three liberals on the Court to reject the states' appeal, but the other five Republican appointees voted to hear the case. The Court won't even be ruling on the constitutionality of Trump's use of Title 42 to exclude immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic that no Republicans take seriously.

Rather, the justices will be considering whether states can appeal a lower court's ruling that ordered the Biden administration to end the policy. Yes, the case really is about whether states can demand in federal court that a former president's executive orders must remain active two years into the succeeding presidency, on the principle that Republican presidents have nearly limitless executive authority while Democratic presidents must be reined in from abusing their power.

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Did Greg Abbott Send Those Busloads Of Migrants To Kamala Harris's House? It Is A War On Christmas Mystery!

We guess there was no room at any Texas inns.

Saturday, on Christmas Eve, several buses containing about 130 immigrants were dropped off outside Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence. It was about 18 degrees, and the asylum seekers from Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Peru and Colombia were hardly dressed for the weather. Some had little more than the T-shirt on their backs or at best a light blanket.

CNN reports that after the first couple busloads were taken to local shelters, more buses arrived outside Harris’s house later Saturday night. Amy Fischer, a volunteer with the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network, told CNN her organization was prepared for the Christmas Eve delivery after receiving a tip from a nongovernmental organization working on the Texas border. They were expected to arrive in New York but were diverted to Washington DC because of the horrific weather. this

It was a grim sight, unsuitable for caroling.

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Aw Darn, No Government Shutdown For Christmas!

No expanded child tax credit, either. But they've fixed the Electoral Count Act!

The House has passed a $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill, after the Senate passed its version of the great big government funding bill yesterday. It will keep the federal government funded through most of next year — that is, through the end of September 2023, when the fiscal year ends. They had an incentive to get it done and get out before the winter storm completely buries DC in snow. No, we don't think "Congress buried in snow" would make either a good disaster OR Lifetime Christmas movie, sorry.

The omnibus bill will keep all government agencies funded for the rest of the fiscal year, and also includes two very big priorities for the Biden administration: It includes another $45 billion in aid to Ukraine, as well as reforming the Electoral Count Act. The latter will close the loophole that Donald Trump tried to exploit by ordering Mike Pence to reject electoral votes in four key states.

Unfortunately, Democratic negotiators in the Senate weren't able to round up the 60 votes needed to expand the child tax credit in exchange for a package of business tax goodies Republicans wanted, so the final bill won't include either. Bastards. The one upside there is that Republicans also weren't able to jam through the corporate tax benefits they wanted, so there remains the extremely slim chance for another shot at that deal next year. Realistically, that's probably a non-starter. House Republicans are even less likely than their Senate counterparts to do anything that would help kids get out of poverty, even to reach a deal that would gladden the icy hearts of Republican donors.

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