Immunity for the Persecuted/Prosecuted

  • WALNUTS! and Mittens Unite! is a year-long, nationwide comedy tour, call your local ticketing agent to book. [The Swamp]
  • Immunity week continues. Up next: Iraq contractors. [Think Progress]
  • Hey everybody, look at the New York Times and their silly, dying medium! What's wrong reporters, don't have a high-power blogging job? Us neither. [Daily Intelligencer]
  • Dear Abby is a filthy, Satan-worshiping whore, study finds. [Newsbusters]
  • Hillary will debate her way to the White House, even if she's only debating herself. [Real Clear Politics]
  • There's a Tennessee state senator who knows rape when he sees it, and this just is not rape. [Politico]
  • Hillary takes a page from the Nixon playbook, because what an effective strategy that was. [Hot Air]

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