The Bill Barr Revisionist History Tour Continues With Your Pal Chuck Todd!

We watch so you don't have to.

Donald Trump is a cruel, petty and not very bright man. That is evident anytime he ad libs at one his hate rallies. As president, Trump surrounded himself with evil and (occasionally) smarter sycophants who were able to navigate through the federal government to accomplish his cruel desires. That is where Bill Barr, the George H.W. Bush attorney general who fought for all those pardons after Iran-Contra, entered Trump's presidency.

We all know what Barr did during Trump's presidency. Need a refresher? Click here.

But now Barr has a book to sell, so his rehabilitation tour continues, which is why we are forced to endure his appearances on news shows like NBC's "Meet The Press."

After recapping Barr's tenure as Trump's attorney general like a "Previously On" where you hit the skip button while binge watching a show, Todd proceeded to play the following audio from Barr in September 2020:

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History Facts

John Bolton Being Mean To Newsmax Idiots Who Say Trump Was Tough On Russia

Still mad that he wasn't mean about this during Donald Trump's impeachment trial.

Let's be clear about something. John Bolton is an ass, and when we hear his voice, we prefer it to be in a room testifying to Congress in the impeachment of Donald Trump for extorting the nation of Ukraine to do his dirty work in exchange for the missiles Ukraine desperately needs to defend itself from Russia. Remember? Bolton famously called it a "drug deal" that then-EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland and then-(acting)-Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney were "cooking up."

But that bird has flown, and oh look, the entire world is getting a dreadful show-and-tell lesson about what that impeachment was all about right now. This means Bolton is going on Newsmax and giving the Trump-sucking hosts purple nurples with his big mustache — it's a very acrobatic mustache move! — when they try to say Donald Trump was tough on Russia, and we guess we'll just have to be OK with that.

And yeah, it's kinda funny. This Bolton guy woulda been great performing for Congress!

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Ron Johnson Knows Who's Responsible For Ukraine Invasion, And It Is Democrats

It's your Sunday shows rundown!!

Conservatives are having a weird time responding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In the last five days, many GOP/rightwing media types have gone from praising Vladimir Putin and trying to justify the invasion to now suddenly trying to Ctrl-Alt-Del all their earlier talking points, in order to try to be on the right side of history, allegedly. Let's see how it's going!

Fox News's 'Sunday Morning Futures'

Wisconsin GOP Senator and Moscow 4th Of July vacationer Ron Johnson was on with Maria Bartiromo this weekend. Considering Johnson's history of laundering so much Russian misinformation that the FBI tried in vain to get him to stop, it was kind of surprising when Johnson released this statement that called out Putin without blaming anyone else:

That, however, did not last long.

Johnson blamed some new people on the Maria Bartiromo show.

Alexander Vindman, Adam Schiff, and Nancy Pelosi all "weakened" Ukraine by whistleblowing and impeaching Donald Trump for extorting Ukraine for political favors, in exchange for the military aid we can all now see how desperately Ukraine needs?

So that was embarrassing.

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fox news

Person. Woman. Man. Camera. Trump Hannity Interview.


Former president Donald Trump called in to Sean Hannity's Fox News Lie Jamboree Hour last night, and we suppose the real news is that we managed to watch most of it without even puking once. Yay for us. Lucky you, it's not on YouTube so we will not be embedding the video.

The Great Man was purportedly there to talk about Joe Biden's news conference Wednesday, but honestly, it was just another chance for Trump to repeat the same old lies he always does, with Hannity from time to time jumping in to try to keep Trump on some sort of train of thought. The thing about trains, though — Joe Biden loves trains, I never much cared for them because you have to go where the tracks are and the environmentalists think trains are great, I never understood what they're getting at because in Japan you have those really fast trains, but Amtrak is a mess because the government never does anything right.

Scary how after four years we can all do that.

Trump said he really truly hoped Biden would do well, because America needs to do well, but instead everything is terrible, and also Trump was glad the US is finally out of Afghanistan, although if it had been up to him, we'd have left Afghanistan better and we should have kept Bagram Air Base. Which, if you want to get technical about it, would have meant the US would still be in Afghanistan.

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