Important Special Election For Republicans Being Ruined By Republicans


Fuckin'Before his mouth was sewn shut by southern slaveholders, RNC chairman Michael Steele was always talking about the "battle royale" or "royale with cheese" that would define his dynamic, hippity hop leadership: a special election in rural New York State, to replace Democratic congresslady Kirsten Gillibrand, because now she's got Hillary Clinton's Senate seat, because blind-ass David Paterson decided the best thing to do was appoint a Democratic congresslady from a rural congressional district where Republicans have a good chance of winning because of all the poor white Hudson Valley trash up there, thus giving the GOP a very early chance to start a "comeback" narrative, which will fuel right-wing listserv The Politico for the next eight years of "seizing the day."

David Paterson is an idiot. (So, again, this is all the fault of Slate blogger Eliot Spitzer.)

Luckily, the race between Republican Jim Tedisco and Democrat Scott Murphy has turned into a race between Republican Jim Tedisco and various wingnut political action committees and the RNC itself. This is magical.

The National Republican Trust PAC, a well-heeled Washington, D.C.-based political group, has spent $190,000 to put that ad on the air. But according to the non-partisan Siena Research Institute, for whom Greenberg is a spokesman, negative ads against Murphy are not paying dividends. According to the Siena Poll released on March 12, Murphy has closed a double-digit gap and is now just four points behind Republican candidate Jim Tedisco. Only 12 percent of voters said the ads they saw for Tedisco made them more likely to support the Republican, to 28 percent who said they became less likely to support him.

Voters may be blaming Tedisco for a campaign he isn’t running.

Tedisco is now trying to get in control of his own campaign, while the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and wingnut PACs such as the National Republican Trust all run their own variations of Tedisco's campaign, to make sure he loses.

The National Republican Trust is also raising and spending millions of dollars to, of course, somehow prove that Barack Obama is a secret African alien and that his "handlers" (the Soviets?) faked his Hawaiian hospital birth and announcement of said birth in Honolulu's daily newspaper as part of a highly organized 47-year effort to install a single mom's biracial kid as president, in order to .... well we are not sure yet, but this "helping children have health care in America" thing is fairly ominous.

Hard-Right PAC Complicates GOP Mission [Washington Independent]


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