IMterview with USAmnesia: Convention Bloggers Get Indoor Restroom Privileges

WONKETTE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Bloggers in Boston not relegated to media Porta-Potties

After crushing on Democratic Convention Blogger Kirk from USAmnesia this morning, we decided to contact him and find out what's really going on behind the scenes in Boston. After he responded, "T-Shirt" when I asked him "Who are you wearing?", I realized, well, he probably had a lot less interest in ass-fucking than Ms. Wonkette.

Nonetheless, our conversation was very revealing: The WiFi connection sucks, people are wearing slacks and button-up shirts, bloggers are being interviewed more than they are doing any "real reporting"...and they are allowed to use the actual restrooms, unlike the media. I smell scandal! Oh wait, that's just the stench of WaPo reporters in the Porta-potties.

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The Jenna and Barb Chat: Riiiiiiight [Wonkette]

BoiFromTroy-USAmnesia AIM Chat (7-26-04)

boifromtroy: Is now a good time to chat?

USAmnesia: gimme one sec - doin an interview

boifromtroy: no prob

USAmnesia: thanks

USAmnesia: sorry man - connection blows here

boifromtroy: no problem...what is it like...the whole connection setup?

USAmnesia: wireless - but it's getting overloaded, so I might drop out on you

boifromtroy: that has to be frustrating for a blogger, no?

USAmnesia: definitely. means I'm working on word, for the time being.

boifromtroy: so, you know I am guest editing Wonkette

boifromtroy: I saw your pic in the WSJ story online...

USAmnesia: god. first time I get linked on wonkette and it's a picture?!

USAmnesia: that wasn't your doing, was it?

boifromtroy: yessiree!

boifromtroy: So are you as hot as you are in that pic?

USAmnesia: I'm sure the wall street journal photoshopped the hell out of it. They called and asked for my "headshot," which will probably the only time anybody ever asks me such a question.

boifromtroy: heh...who knows.

boifromtroy: Well, have you met with he other bloggers?

USAmnesia: We had a breakfast for the credentialed bloggers this morning...met a handful there

boifromtroy: I was at the Conventions in 2000, and if you weren't drinking there was alot of sitting around...

boifromtroy: what is it like for you guys?

USAmnesia: yeah, at the moment there's a lot of singers warming up. the breakfast was great - barack obama stopped by near the beginning, followed by Dean. They're certainly making us feel welcome. Lots of interviews

boifromtroy: are you going to blog about Barack?

boifromtroy: He's the HOT story...

USAmnesia: I will - I'm supposed to be doing an interview with him when I get back to Chicago.

boifromtroy: excellent...

boifromtroy: so...what attire is everybody wearing?

USAmnesia: everyone seems better dressed than I...lots of dress pants and button-ups. I'm the wrong guy to ask about what types of clothing people are wearing...:-)

boifromtroy: well, who are you wearing now?

USAmnesia: who? I was going to say a shirt. let me check.

USAmnesia: Some j.crew shirt someone gave me for Christmas.

boifromtroy: so, is it true about the restrooms?

USAmnesia: What have you heard?

boifromtroy: 20 porta potties for the press

USAmnesia: Nah...fine stadium urinals for the men.

boifromtroy: v. nice

boifromtroy: so there is alot of press about bloggers...

boifromtroy: are you being interviewed more than doing interviews?

USAmnesia: one sec - ont he phone

boifromtroy: no prob

USAmnesia: gimme two mins, k?

USAmnesia: sorry

boifromtroy: sure...

USAmnesia: back

boifromtroy: alrighty then...

boifromtroy: so I was asking about whether you get interviewed more than you interview others

USAmnesia: I just did an interview with China TV - camera and all. Ridiculous. They've been descending on us all morning, so I haven't been able to get any substantive posts up yet.

boifromtroy: that has to be rough

boifromtroy: topic...

boifromtroy: Do you think Ana, the regular Editrix of Wonkette is hot?

USAmnesia: ha. definitely not a question I thought I'd be asked this week :-)

boifromtroy: yeah...but if you had a choice...?

USAmnesia: between what and what?

USAmnesia: :-)

boifromtroy: Let's say, Ana or BoiFromTroy?

USAmnesia: Is it a crime if I don't have a mental picture of BoiFromTroy?

boifromtroy: no...29 y.o. gay blogger in Cali

USAmnesia: Yeah - I'm straight as an arrow - so Ana. Is that rude?

boifromtroy: not at all ;-)

boifromtroy: well, thanks for your time...

boifromtroy: and give me some Obama!!!

USAmnesia: yessir. good talkin with you. thanks again for the link

boifromtroy: you'll be getting another soon!

USAmnesia: be nice

boifromtroy: i will...

USAmnesia: alright - have a good one

boifromtroy: good luck this week!



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