In Case of Emergency, Break Glass and Make Fun of Teddy Kennedy

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Yes, we've alreadyblogged about this Washington Post article. But we missed something that a reader pointed out to us, so kindly permit us to return once more to the well.

(And please cut us some slack for the oversight; we were half-asleep when we read the article. We're not yet used to waking up this early! To paraphrase Linda Evangelista, here at Wonkette, "We don't get out of bed for less than $10 a day.")

A reader wrote to us as follows:

Anyone speaking at a Martin Luther King commemoration, and especially the brother of JFK and RFK, should maybe think twice before using this sort of simile. From the Post:

"For Kennedy, the fight against Alito was more personal than political. On Jan. 16, he had made a Martin Luther King Jr. Day appearance at Faneuil Hall in Boston and was given a standing ovation from a largely black crowd after being introduced as having 'been fighting for us all week.'

"It was like a pistol shot," recalled Kennedy, the moment he decided to fight for a filibuster.

Yes, we know -- context doesn't disclose whether Senator Kennedy made this remark at the MLK Day Event or after the fact (although the latter is more likely, given the timing of the filibuster). But unfortunate word choice from Senator Kennedy isn't beyond the realm of possibility. After all, the man named his dog Splash...

Republicans Were Masters in the Race to Paint Alito [WP]

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