In Case You Missed Wall-E/Never Read Moby Dick
  • Friday, March 20: Hit up the Freer Gallery tonight for the DC premiere of 24 City, a Chinese film directed by Jia Zhangke warning of the Perils of Capitalism. 24 City illustrates the country's changing landscape -- a citywide factory park, over the course of three generations, becomes a giant complex of luxury apartments. 7PM. [Environmental Film Festival]

  • Friday, March 20: The Library of Congress is screening Moby Dick tonight at 7PM.  People who have skated through life without being forced to read the 2,000-page book in high school: this is your last chance to join the Captain Ahab club. [Library of Congress]
  • Saturday, March 21: If you missed Wall-E when it was in theaters, catch it today at the National Geographic Building. Bonus: Bert Berry, one of the film's art directors, will be there to answer any of your pressing questions. 2PM, $5. [NG]
  • Tuesday, March 24: Awaiting for Men isn't a movie about prostitutes, so get that out of your filthy head. It's about Saharan women who graffiti, pretty much, about their relationships with their husbands. 8:45PM, AFI Silver Theater. [AFI]
  • Wednesday, March 25: Busboys and Poets is showing The Water Front, a documentary about the privitization of drinking water in Detroit's lower-income community. You'd think that because the city is located next to, umm, the largest body of fresh water in the world, that there wouldn't be any problems. 6PM. [Busboys & Poets]

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