Get Your 9/11 On, DC Style!

Thursday, September 9: To all our Jewish Friends, a Happy New Year (or "Rosh Hashanah")!  One celebrates by eating apples and honey, but for a more new traditional new years-y celebration, why not drink vodka? From 6-7PM on Thursday, The Reserve will be giving out vodka for FREE, and from 7PM-close rail drinks, including margaritas and mojitos, will be just $5. [What's The Deal Happy Hour]

  • Friday, September 10: Georgetown, home of the metro-hatin' DC elite, is not known to be the most welcoming area in the District. But these are trying times, so want everyone to make the journey to the area for "Fashion's Night Out." What is this special night? Oh, just an "epic" evening where over 80 Georgetown stores, restaurants and salons will be offering discounts while performers from Cirque de Soleil roam the streets. The event also somehow benefits a charity or two as well. [Fashion's Night Out]
  • Saturday, September 11: What are your big 9/11 plans? If you’re in need of an extra-special nine-eleveny volunteer activity to celebrate/mark/exploit (your choice!) the Best Holiday Ever, check out Serve DC. They’re hosting various activities throughout the city on Saturday. [Serve DC]
  • Saturday, September 11: Need an alternative way to celebrate/mark/exploit 9/11? Perhaps you prefer to volunteer at events associated with holidays and not mass murder? Well then, you should spend Patriot Day doing something fun, like buying art and eating food that comes in small quantities at the Arts on Foot Festival in Penn Quarter. [Arts on Foot]
  • Food to look forward to: Pinkberry is coming to DC, a move that, if it makes DC more like LA and less like New York, will surely be problematic. According to the website, the store will be "swirling soon" right from the White House. [Pinkberry]

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