In Other News, Bush Nominated a Conservative to the Supreme Court

Im David And Im An Implausible StatisticScooped again:

"Youthful drinking is tied to violence, risky sex, poor grades and drunken driving." -- The Washington Post, 11/01/2005

"Teen Sex Linked To Drugs And Alcohol, Reports Center For Figuring Out Really Obvious Things" -- The Onion, 05/01/2002

The HHS launches an ad campaign intended to curtail underage drinking today. Underage drinking, is, of course, bad. Horrible. It cuts into my supply. Look, I don't want to have to knock down a nine-year-old in order to get to the front of the bar for the mango margaritas at Chevy's, but if i have to, I will.

Underage Drinking Prevention [The Ad Council]


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