In Our Fantasy, It's Foley & Barney & Denny & Kolbe & Larry In a Tub of Molten Lava

Good thing they trademarked that! - WonketteHow could the nerd concept of "fantasy baseball" be improved? Maybe you could have games without scores, or without innings! Maybe most of the team could be put in prison forever, or get caught fucking little boys. Meanwhile, you could have the "coach" blowing up 650,000 Arabs and randomly torturing people who came to watch the ball game.

Yes, we are talking about the thrilling new online fun-fun, "Fantasy Congress." You know, "Where PEOPLE play POLITICS," which is so unlike the real world, where actual Hell Demons run the government and have to dispatch Bob Woodward to clean house every now and then.

There's a sort of naive, civic-minded Lisa Simpson quality to this sad creation, considering that it requires players to understand the workings of the legislative branch (right ...) while somehow being innocent enough to choose "George Allen" or "Ted Stevens" for the Fantasy Congress team without a fit of choking laughter. We salute you, creators of Fantasy Congress. If more than a dozen people sign up for this, maybe there's still a tiny shred of hope left for America. Not really.

Fantasy Congress


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