In Rational News, SEC Employee May Have Masturbated 24/7 During Downfall Of Capitalism


Let's scroll down the Google Reader for more post ideas... Alec Baldwin HuffPo thing... 100 more HuffPo things... government official/tranny porn something something... that real estate economics blog we never ended up reading... WAIT SCROLL BACK UP, thegovernment/tranny thing, let's post that! (Yes, your editor does indeed read his running monologue aloud while looking for stories.)

You don't need to know much else: an SEC employee was caught with all of this hilarious chicks-with-dicks porn in his browser history in the weeks before the 2008 Wall Street collapse. Maybe if he had been paying more attention, we'd have jobs! But whatcha gonna do, guy likes lookin' at ladies with big ol' penises at work, so what?

This poor guy. The Q&A on his affadavit is so rough:

Q: Now I’m going to show you what has been marked as Exhibit G. This is a record from that same date, August 20th, which our records show that you made over 300 attempts to access a website called Do you have any recollection of attempting to access this site?

A: I do not have any specific recollection on this site. But, as I indicated, on this specific day, I would not be surprised if I clicked a website on of those day.

Q: Do you view these images often?

A: It depends…define 'often.'

Well, we'd guess that the average American looks at tranny porn maybe... four times over the course of a workday? So "often" would be anything more than that.

SEC Supervisor Surfed Tranny Porn To Cope With Stress Of The Job [Dealbreaker]


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