In Shocking Twist No One Could Have Predicted, Daily Caller Does Not Like Book By Angry Ladies At Jezebel


We've no idea why you'd wander over to the puddle of whine privilege that is the Daily Caller to read a book review, particularly a review of a book by feminist ladies. Irony? A long history of making poor life choices? For the sheer lulz? If it was the latter, oh, did Daily Caller deliver for you this time. Apparently they employ a creature named Mark Judge, and they let Mr. Judge review books for them. Well, "review" is probably too strong a term. They let him shape a bog-standard Daily Caller angerblargle around whatever book he happened to read the back cover of recently. This week, Mark tries his hand at an epic takedown of the new book by the editors of Jezebel, The Book of Jezebel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Lady Things.

[Malware at Happy; Link blocked for now]


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