In The Event of a Media Rapture, This Blog Will Be Unoccupied

The Corsair speculates about the outcome of a Media Rapture -- who goes to heaven and who gets left behind?

    Tim Russert: Whisked upwards to a celebratory dinner with Pat Moynihan, Pope Leo XIII, Kierkegarrd and Disraeli, all of whom have already began on the peppery cognacs, all the while making acute observations on the unfolding scene.

    Marty Peretz: Left Behind. When God Himself wrote a letter to TNR to explain the decision, Peretz heavily edited it.

    Christopher Hitchens: Surprisingly whisked away, leaving behind a tumbler full of Johnnie Walker Black.

    Eric Alterman: Surprising everyone, he is Left Behind.

    Ralph Nader: Left Behind; Nader retaliates by running for God in 2008.

    George Stephanopoulos: Surprisingly left behind, drinking the black wine of Cahors, elixir of Popes, Playing an eerie tune on a reed pipe in homage to the antichrist!

Media: Left Behind [The Corsair]


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