In the Midst of Disaster, One Man Never Lost Sight of His Blackberry

The Center for Public Integrity (something we're in favor of in an abstract sense, but probably wouldn't recognize if we saw) got their hands on 900 pages of Michael Brown's emails during the Katrina disaster. We think a lot of the juicy stuff's been left out or redacted, but there's a hell of a lot to sort through, so who knows. Feel free to take a look yourself, and send us anything particularly interesting, but we think the tenor of the thing can be summed up by this one:


(Also fun is the exchange that begins with an email on page 723 with the subject "REDEEM YOURSELF BY SAVING THE ANIMALS IN THE GULF!!" -- Brown, a genial sort, responds enthusiastically, leading one to wish someone had emailed him with the suggestion of saving the people there)

Emails From the Edge of Disaster [CPI]


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