In Which Our Refusal to Take the Bus or Care About the Mayor Pays Off, Big Time

busdrivernote.jpgBecause we adamantly refuse to pay attention to a) municipal politics and b) transit news (on principle, dammit), this note, linked to from the WMATA's homepage, was confusing and scary. Now that we've done a bit of googling, it is hilarious. Unless you ride the S2. Then, still scary.

Mr. Davis was the subject of this Post profile, in which he led an informal political salon on his route, informing voters of their choices in the upcoming mayoral primary.

Then, he was fired. Vincent Orange led a protest, and Metro posted this note. Because, you see, Mr. Davis forgot to mention on his application that he served 21 years in prison for first-degree murder. Whoops.

Go WMATA! Way to wait for a fluffy metro section profile before you perform a cursory background check! Have a good commute home, everyone. We will continue working from our apartment.

Orange Leads Protest After Bus Driver is Fired [WP]

Statement From Metro About Dismissal of Sydney Davis [WMATA]


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