In Which The Men Going Their Own Way Go Their Own Way On Thanksgiving

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In Which The Men Going Their Own Way Go Their Own Way On Thanksgiving

Hello from beautiful Warwick, Rhode Island (say nothing, anyone who has ever actually been to Warwick, Rhode Island)! I am here, in town, hanging with my family this year, and I consider myself super lucky to be doing so. Because sure, I love them a whole lot, but also because it means that in addition to Thanksgiving dinner I can also eat a shit ton of clam cakes and hot wieners and maybe a coffee cabinet and other things that probably sound completely insane to anyone not from here, but which I assure you are very delicious.

Of course, I am not a man going his own way — the misogynists who, according to themselves, are the luckiest fellas in all the land because instead of dating or marrying or even just hanging out with women like normal, they get to be free to complain about us on the internet all day, every day, including on Thanksgiving. Thrilling!


It's been a while since we've been down this road, so in case you need a refresher, MGTOWs — Men Going Their Own Way — are the most hilarious subsection of the manosphere. Basically they are dudes who have decided that all women are evil and out to "divorce rape" them (by which they mean, marry them in order to divorce them and take all of their moneys) and/or use them to get a free drink at the bar and then not even sex them up afterwards, and that they are better off alone. It's like a Lysistrata thing, except no one cares. Though they do like to imagine that women all over are shaking their fists at the sky because all of these quality men have decided they want nothing to do with us.

While you may think that all MGTOWs spend their holidays alone, some of them do actually spend time with their families, whereupon they are forced to interact with women. This does not appear to go well!

Now, I have empathy for anyone who is single and has to deal with the "When are you going to find a husband/wife!" type talk at family dinners. I am, in fact, also single, but no one bothers me about it, on account of how they are not assholes. However, this guy just seems like a jerk on all fronts:

Man I just have to vent, my brothers wife is here and HOLY SHIT she is annoying ugly entitled and rude and 100% makes me so glad I'm single not married not dating.

She asks me what I want for Xmas and I just told her gift cards because I like them! She said no what do you NEED and I told her (not bragging tone or anything) that I don't need anything because when I need something I just go out and buy it lol.

So she says 'we need to get you out into the world,'. Seeing as how I just got back from Japan a couple of weeks ago (fun trip with mah dudebros) I was confused and asked for clarification. 'Dating world,' was the response.

This pissed me off (I hate being shamed especially in my own house) told her that I've dated plenty and am sick of the poor options I seen before me and that I'm happy with the way things are. This shut her up but I'm sure it's not the last I'll hear from her.

Another MGTOW responded to him by telling him his technique of saying that he, uh, only dates 19-year-olds.

This almost exact thing has been happening to me. My brother is dating a girl with three kids and she says he has a friend for me. I said, "how old is she?" She said "31." I said I like 19 year olds just to get a rise out of her. I ain't mad at her. She's just a woman. My brother is a douche though. Happy thanksgiving, brothers. Find peace. If you don't find it alone, you'll never find it with the headache of a modern woman. I have a 9 year old daughter and I'm not sexist. It's the environment that has been constructed that I refuse to participate in. Been through the courts, had many psycho abusive women in my life. The only way for a man to protect himself is to be a lone wolf this day and age.

"I'm not sexist, I just only like women from a time before I was born and also my own daughter who is still a child." Naturally.

What is even better than all of this though is that some other MGTOW is like "Oh boy, if you are a lone wolf you will really like this song," which I am going to assume he wrote himself because I listened to it and it is just not a song anyone would recommend to anyone else if they did not personally write it. Because it is bad.

LONE WOLF (The Song) Official Music

Personally, I do not like the MGTOWs co-opting this "lone wolf" thing as it is throwing a wrench in my plans to someday get a copy of this jacket.

I don't know what this guy actually did for Thanksgiving, but he is very thankful for all of the manosphere and to not be enslaved by women... like a cat? Lot of mixed metaphors here!

Women are Women Feminism is the laser pointer You're the cat. The quicker you figure out its a game you can never win, That you'll never figure out 'the rules' because there's only one that's intellectually consistent: Enslave men, The faster you can go your own way, Be free, And be happy.

God bless you everyone! from the MGTOW's to the PUA's, even the the Incels, the Supreme Gentlemen of the Internet, To the redpilled warriors for truth, From the old codgers to the young bucks To the MRA's to the ghosts and monks To every netizen of the manosphere:

This Thanksgiving I'm grateful for all you beautiful bastards each andevery one. To the red pilled black sheep everywhere, from the bottom of my heart; Thank You. Thank you for giving me back my freedom. Thank you for giving me back my sense of dignity. Thank you for safeguarding and defending masculinity itself and personally for getting my back in my struggles against the evils that have plagued my family.

To another year fighting the good fight side by side with my brothers.

One MGTOW, for whatever reason, decided to "prove" that women who cook Thanksgiving dinner and act like it's a big deal are lying liars and claims that he did a whole turkey plus many sides... for himself. I'm not going to post the whole thing, because it is boring, but here is his conclusion:

Let's see. I slept in, or alternately got up early and did all the basic chores and baby spider management. Went to market, bought stuff, downloaded movies, prepped an entire 7 item meal, managed to multitask chores, cleaning the kitchen, taking care of a furry baby, did laundry, put the kitchen back together, and was done 3 hours and 15 minutes later with a nice champagne buzz and I barely did an hour of actual work making the meal for tomorrow and several days of leftovers.

Now I just have movies to watch, have sex with myself as a SAHM to keep my man happy.

In several hours I'll spend 30 minutes stuffing a turkey then pressing some buttons on an oven. Tomorrow more of the same.

Apparently house wives do have it hard. I realize I can't emulate a crying baby, but then women also don't use duct tape.

Bunch of whiners. How hard this is, I really should go back to doing a "career" since I hate having total control of my life and home. Let my furry baby be raised by other people that maybe passed a background check, spend no time bonding with it, and I cannot possibly be fulfilled doing this with my child like mind.

I demand hourly compensation for being a slave to my self-partner. He's so cruel and evil. I bet he''ll get drunk tonight and do nasty things and hurt my feelings when I look in the mirror.

That's... normal. I guess what he's getting at here is that being a stay at home mom is easy and therefore it is mean of none of the women to want to be his stay at home wife? I guess?

This MGTOW appears to have spent his holiday driving around in his car recording a YouTube video about how he hates his family and also his friends who are only there for "social reasons" and to "get a fix" from you every time you talk to them. What a charmer!

MGTOW Thanksgiving (Thank You Red Pill)

Of course, while this post is about the MGTOWs, no weird Right-Wing Thanksgiving post would be complete in this day and age without some choice quotes from QAnoners banned from family events, on account of how they are terrible.

"We're winning this"


I have virtually no friends left and am shunned by majority of my brainwashed family - its a very lonely unhappy place
I deperately need to see the likes of Hillary ,Obama ,Podestas etc tried and dealt with for their crimes against children etc as that is the only thing that will make it all worthwhile
and maybe make these friends and family see that I was only trying to show them the truth of it all

This guy is gonna be waiting a long, long time.

Anyway, I hope you guys all had a lovely and misogyny/conspiracy theory-free Thanksgiving! This is now your open thread for the day! Enjoy!

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