In Which We Continue Ridiculing the "50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill"

We tried very hard to come up with a way to mock the "50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill" without singling any individuals, mostly because we don't want anyone to get a book deal out of this. Of course, other people have no such hesitation. Thank God.

Boi from Troy tosses aside "most beautiful" and goes for "faggiest." Faggiest-seeming.

DCeiver deconstructs/devestates the least comely of the comeliest. We, however, are huge fans of the "Towering Hat of Justice," which -- little known fact -- actually came in at 51 on the list all on its own:

Fights Crime And Protects From Hail


We're considering our own contest -- everyone's doing it -- but beauty contests are so we'd-have-to-actually-read-the-mail.

Pie-eating contests, on the other hand... Especially that "Dan Aranyosi" fellow? Wonder if he likes pie...


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