In Which We Plan A Visit to McClellanlandia

We were loving the sourcing in this morning's NYT advance on the State of the Union:

The official, who spoke before an auditorium full of journalists, insisted on not being quoted by name. Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, said the goal in not allowing the use of the official's name was to keep the focus on Mr. Bush.
Hi, is the entire world McClellan's bitch? What's he going to do, ban the NYT from the briefing room? Unreal. Anyway, according to Atrios et al, the official is the White House chief happy-talker himself, Dan Bartlett. See also: Occam's Razor, simplest and most plausible explanation, blah blah.

Anyway, we're dying to know what mysterious power Scott McClellan exercises, so we've applied for a day pass to the press gaggle. Hell, if faux-journalist Jeff Gannon can get score a pass to every gaggle for the last two years, surely we can too? Uh... okay, maybe if we bring Wonkette in a tube top?

Wankers of the Day [Atrios]


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