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Morning, class. I'm Ezra Klein, the latest in this week's series of wannabe wonkettes who are not, in fact, your real blogger, and so can't tell you to turn down the stereo or stop spamming the site. But while you don't have to respect me, Ana clearly doesn't love you anymore, and if you're not nice, I'm going to put you in the car, drive to the desert, and drop you off with only a back issue of Government Executive and a cap from the Abramoff collection to keep you warm. So be good.

But full disclosure: The Wonkette elders have left you with an odd choice in surrogates. When I'm not going back-and-forth on whether an ass-fucking joke is like, so 2005, I'm a writer at The American Prospect (home of the world's awesomest wonkery). And you know what I specialize in? No, not funny. (obviously)

Health care.

Yeah, I know. Truth is, I got the job based entirely on looks and irresistible masculinity -- a sort of brokeback blogger. That, or Denton's high council forgot the "wonk" in the title is supposed to be sardonic. Don't believe me? This, in fact, isn't the day's only new blog for me. Over at TPM Cafe, my other start-up is in the final stages of animation: a new blog devoted entirely to systemic flaws within new legislation affecting medicine for old people. Yeah, you think I'm kidding. You wish.

But we're gonna make the best of it, right? So first thing's first: send me tips. I've sharpened the stick and purchased the cage, but I can't poke fun unless you help me find soft stuff to lock up and prod. Favored categories include Rick Santorum, Funny Things Scott McLellan Said, Would You Still Support Bush If He Killed a Kitten With a Hammer, Democrats Say The Darndest Things, and Awesome Craigslist Ads. Now let's start bonding.

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