Inauguration Flashback: Bush Jacked

Somehow missing the entire point of blogging, Cavalry Charge finally gets around to writing about his encounter with the President at the Ohio Ball after the Inauguration. Yeah, it was a month ago -- but still, has a few good points on how an event should be staged:

POTUS must never see a site coordinator with a clipboard. That's a sign of weak advance. The social flavor of the encounter musn't be overpowered by a prevailing sense that this handshake has been pre-hearsed or staged, or even considered in passing in any way, by anyone. [...] Go Time: Enter POTUS-- wide grinned, long-strided like, Laura just behind. Looking jacked, either muscled or kevlared up, I wasn't sure. Presidential seal on the tux-shirt studs? Check. Bit much, perhaps, but this guy likes his job. And he had recently been rehired.
No word on Presidential Seal-adorned boxers.

The 55th Inauguration [Cavalry Charge]


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