Incredible Coca-Cola Job Offer To Everyone Probably Not Legitimate

Incredible Coca-Cola Job Offer To Everyone Probably Not Legitimate

With more than 150,000 peoplelosing their jobs every week in the United States and millions more being laid off around the world, the scams are getting ridiculous. Take this message from "," which we just received: Coca-Cola is hiring all over the world, full-time positions, great pay and benefits, etc. Just fill out the attached form with all your personal information!

Complete with a bunch of pilfered Coca-Cola graphics touting various global initiatives and partners, the scheme basically promises you a life of secure work and great pay and health care and two months of paid vacation -- you know, the impossible:

We are hiring!

Are you out of job?

Your current job isn't paying enough?

You don't have proper eductaion for high positions?

At Coca Cola everything is possible! We have the budget to hire anyone from any country where our company is present. All you need to do is fill out the form we have attached and get ready to bring your career to the next level and triple your current salary!

Our company offers excellent benefits such as 60 days paid vacation, company car, health insurance for you and for your family, option to work from home and friendly work environment.

We have open positions in Sales, Marketing, Information Technology, Accounting, Logistics, Engineering, Quality Assurance and much more.

None of the positions require any kind of education or work experience!

See, we don't need that socialist Barack Obama's fancy "health care" and "education" and "green jobs" and whatever! The corn-syrup water will save the planet.

(Note to sad gullible people who come across this post by searching MSN for "Coca Cola hiring": The email in question is a scam, and the Russian/Nigerian criminals behind it just want your personal information so they can try to use your identity to get credit cards -- which would be a pretty good scheme if credit cards were still available to desperate jobless people.)


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