Indiana University Taking Important Steps to Ensure Our Children Is Learning in Diseased Environment


Is our children learning? Sure they are,kind of! Maybe! Well, who knows, it is tough to say! But is our children learning from and around people who have health care coverage and are thus not in danger of infecting them with disease?

No, of course not, don't be silly, this is too much to ask. Times are tough! Health care coverage is expensive! So to meet the fiscal challenges of the 21st century, Indiana University is following in the footsteps of Papa Johns and cutting their football coach's $1.2 million yearly salary  cutting the basketball coach's $2.3 million yearly salary forbidding anyone -- even students -- from working more than 29 hours per week so they do not have any eligibility for health care coverage:

From HuffPo:

As of July 1, 2013 Indiana University will no longer have any full-time hourly employees. This includes: Hourly (temporary, seasonal, student, work study), with or without retirement -- number of hours worked shall be limited to 29 hours per week, effective July 1, 2013 -- no eligibility for medical coverage.

Does this include food service employees?

Yes, of course it does. Our children is learning, so why should it matter if they are learning around someone who cannot see the doctor? Except wait, of COURSE they can see the doctor, they just have to go to the emergency room, where the freemarket will take care of everything.

[Huffington Post]


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