Indictment Bingo: Closer, Closer

Potus - BlankEntries in our Indictment Bingo contest keep pouring in, and we expect another round with the revelation that the special prosecutor has ruled out issuing a final report on his investigation. This means that indictments are all but certain. We'd say something about hubris but it'd be an insult to pride. I mean, shit: This administration is responsible for the deaths of thousands of American soldiers in a hunt for non-existant WMDs and they threaten to be brought down because of a petty snipe about a blow-hard househusband. It's not the crime but the cover-up indeed.

Anyhoo: Keep the guesses for who's going to be indicted and on what charges coming. Send to , with "Indictment Bingo" in the subject line. Remember, there are prizes. And thanks to the reader who sent in the new, improved play-at-home version. Remember to shout "Karl Rove is continuing to do his duties!" if you get five across.

Indictment Bingo [Wonkette]


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