Indictment Bingo: Ham Sandwiches All Around

With reports saying that Fitzmas will fall at 4PM NOON GODDAMNIT NOON (wow) today, time is growing short for Indictment Bingo players. Of course, Fitzmas may come twice this year: If another round of indictments follow a second grad jury, we'll be sure to play again. For now, remember the rules: Send a list of those you believe will be indicted by this grand jury and what they will be indicted for to . Please put "Indictment Bingo" in the subject line. Authors of the three entries closest to the actual indictment list will win fabulous prizes, including an "Animal House" DVD and breakfast for two at the St. Regis. We will accept entries up until the official announcement, but in case of a tie, the earlier submission wins. Thought, really, when the government lies to you, everyone loses.

UPDATE: Docs coming at noon, there'll be a presser at 2PM. Very polite of Mr. Fitzgerald to give people time to read the thing.

Leak probe details to be released at noon ET [MSNBC]


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