Indictment Bingo: Roll Your Own

Fitzmas BingoWe applaud the extraneous geniuses at "Backup Brain" for creating a much more elaborate play at-home "Indictment Bingo" card. It generates randomly ordered row and lines of all the possible suspects from the almost-sure-things (Karl Rove) to the maybe-shouldn't-be-on-the-card (Chris Matthews). So if you're the kind of person who likes to watch the news with a score card, here's your thing. As if hearing the list of indictees itself won't be exciting enough!

You are also still free to enter the longer version of Indictment Bingo, in which you send us (to ) your list of who will be indicted, and on what charges. There are prizes for those who guess closest to what's on the special prosecutor's dark agenda:

Third Prize: Air Force One M&Ms

Second Prize: "Animal House" DVD

Third Prize: Breakfast for two at the St. Regis (which we realize is not the most original idea in the world)

Please, play. Refusing to comment on an ongoing investigation is so 2004.

Fitzmas [Backup Brain]


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