Indictment Bingo: The Not-as-Much Losers

Figuring out who the not-as-much losers were in our Indictment Bingo contest proved to be a rather complicated undertaking. If only Fitzy had not shown such discretion! We weighed entries based on ratio of right-to-wrong guesses and how early they were turned in. Wonk Dad wound up creating an equation for it the explanation of which is after the jump. If you feel you were unfairly judged, we will forward your statistical analysis to him.

In any case, the "most correct" proved to be those with the quickest fingers and the least confidence that justice would be done. They are:

Third place and winner of a stale pack of Air Force One M&Ms is "Lorenzo." Please get in touch, Lorenzo!

Second place and winner of an "Animal House" DVD is Thaddeus Nguyen.

First place and winner of breakfast for two at the St. Regis is "Abacusdog."

All together now: "We must always ask ourselves not only what is legal, but what is right!"

Indictment Bingo entry equation:

How about something like this: For an entry containing n bits of information (who and why) you give a percentage score (number right over number of guesses). Then apply a discount. If the maximum number of days before the announcement is n and the guesses are submitted in k days before, then multiply the score by (k/n). A guess submitted n days out gets n/n = 1 full credit. A guess submitted the day before the announcement gets 1/n credit.

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