Indictment Bingo: What Are They Up For?

Bing Card 2Thanks to everyone who's entered our "Indictment Bingo" contest so far. Based on your picks, we've updated the play-at-home Indictment Bingo card (click to enlarge) so that there's at least a small chance of crossing out an entire row. "Ham & cheese sandwich" is a free space, though we know John Hannah may be one, too.... And if you succeed in blacking out a row, don't forget to shout "I want to know who the leakers are!"

If you're interested in the more complicated -- but also more fruitful -- version of the game, send your guesses to (with "Indictment Bingo" in the subject line) as to who will be indicted and on what charges; some of the more likely choices include perjury, obstruction of justice, or conspiracy to obstruct justice, but you're free to speculate further. Prizes for the top three who come closest to the grand jury's report.

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