Infamous Douchebag Coaches "Team Thompson"

allenthompson.jpgGeorge "Macaca" Allen, the former Virginia governor and senator famous for hating brown people, is helping out the Fred Thompson campaign, proving that when it comes to lazy, stupid ex-senators, things work better in pairs.

Friends of Fred Thompson National Co-Chairman George Allen, as is his official role, sent an e-mail to Virginia supporters today urging them to sign the petition Virginia requires to get Thompson on the ballot. Always the charmer, George Allen offers this wry observation to appeal to Virginians, where everyone only cares about football: "In many ways, a political campaign is just like football. We all have a vital role to play. By working together we win." Yes, and Fred Thompson is just like a human being. He breathes and digests and contorts his body, as real people do, but whenever his vocal chords make vibrations ("speaking"), the sounds that come out clearly can not come from a human being.

Anyway, Macaca, we're really glad you're back and have chosen Fred Thompson to support. Looking forward to a great working relationship in the coming months.

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