• Your Wonkette recently suggested that our new Orange Overlord should privatize the Smithsonian, because that's what Alexander Hamilton kept blogging about, in the Federalist Papers. Well, good things come to those who wait (for the co-chairs of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform to release their draft proposal)! Yes, this wise bipartisan commission of maggot-brained failures wants the government to "reduce funding to the Smithsonian and the National Park Service and allow the programs to offset the reduction through fees." That's not quite privatization, but the proposal also recommends severe cuts to Social Security, so it's safe to say that reducing the deficit has already become a very successful bipartisan paint-huffing effort. Nancy Pelosi took a quick timeout from watching House Democrats fight over who gets to be S&M Whip to state that this draft proposal is "simply unacceptable." But everyone knows that Nancy Pelosi is a hippie. Feeding the woodland creatures at the National Zoo every other week would allow us to build more laser-guided Zeppelins, since the 2011 defense budget is only one trillion dollars. And don't even think about cutting military spending so that children can go to museums or maybe even have basic health care. You want to cut Our Defense? The war merchants who run this sad country do not care for this idea. [Slate/Ezra Klein/The Hill]

  • John McCain and Joe Lieberman love fighting the Taliban. That is why they have asked Obama if they can stay in Afghanistan forever and ever. Have fun guys, and please don't come back! [McClatchy]

  • Joe Miller lost his dumb lawsuit, which claimed that people who voted for Lisa Murkowski but misspelled her name actually hate Lisa Murkowski and want Joe Miller to be president. How will Joe Miller lie his way into the Senate now? Stay tuned! [AP]

  • Happy Veterans Day. [Veterans Today]


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