Ingrates On All Sides

  • FEMA worked so hard on behalf of the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and gave these people lovely little formaldehyde-soaked trailers, but do they ever get any thanks? No, they do not. [AP]
  • An increasing number of Americans suspect that Sarah Palin may not "get it" when it comes to "understanding complex issues" and "not acting like a petulant four-year-old." [ABC News]
  • President Obama may use cautious and diplomatic language when it comes to the relationship between Russia and Georgia, but Vice President Biden has no such compunctions about calling the Russians a bunch of a-hole thug invaders. [Washington Post]
  • Everybody in the US may suddenly despise President Obama for being a cop-hating socialist, but citizens of the rest of the world still lurve him to death. [USA Today]
  • A fellow sailor has been charged with murdering a gay Navy guy and then setting the remains on fire. [Houston Chronicle]
  • How shall the GOP continue to block all of Obama's major legislative initiatives without being labeled "obstructionist"? It is something of a conundrum! [Wall Street Journal]

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