* This is the part where the administration tries to act like all the crazy shit they do is legal. [NYT]

* Public relations only goes so far, but we can't blame Blackwater for trying. [NYT]

* Everyone agrees: Hillary's working hard to get over her Tuesday night gang bang. [WP, The Hill, LAT]

* Hey! Looks like when you suck balls at running the country after being elected to reverse the to challenge a president who sucks balls at running the country, you might not get to hang around all that long. [Politico]

* Chuck Schumer is torn on Mukasey. By torn, we don't mean that he was place on some sort rack-like device and steadily torn limb from limb, but all we're saying is that if Schumer had information that we needed to save millions of American lives, we'd tear that motherfucker to pieces. [Roll Call]

* Swashbucklin' senators vote in favor o' the ol' Law of the Sea, but them land lubbers don' know what there in fer. Arrgghh! [WT]


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