Ad Proves DEMOCRATS Can Accuse REPUBLICANS of Being Terrorists


Alan Grayson really wants to keep his House seat in Florida, which means hehas a new ad out saying his opponent is a member of the Taliban. That's fun! That is a fun way to disagree with your opponent on the issues! The Islamicists are coming to central Florida, and they are going to impose their Sharia on the Mickey Mouse and the Orlando Magic. But they are going to do it by pretending to be fundamentalist Christian white guys who are running for Congress and are named after famous American statesmen. (Democrats are not that good at this whole "My opponent is a wily Muslim" thing, but they will hopefully get there with time.)

[youtube expand=1]

What can be said? That is just a solid, solid ad. Who would elect a man that would cut out a map of central Florida and place it between scraps of maps of Afghanistan and Iran? And look, he's a polygamist. He's married more than one of those black-and-white Star Wars characters.

Hmm, wonder if those politicians displaced by the Nazis could have stayed in power if they had just cut ads portraying the Nazis as Jews? Well, we have a test case now. [Hot Air]


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