Insane Anonymous Internet Racist Turns Out To Be Florida GOP Politician


HOO-WEE, everyone strap in, theSt. Petersburg Times has discovered that one of the more frothing racist loons littering the comments section on its news articles with vulgar diatribes is -- GASP -- an elected Republican officeholder! These types of reports are the only thing on the Internet more common than those annoying "FIVE SECRETS FOR A FLATTER TUMMY" ads everywhere, but okay, technically this is "newsworthy" because in addition to the bucketfuls of hateful slop that this Pinellas County Commissioner Norm Roche regularly dumped under his brilliant commenter handle "Reality," he also went around anonymously insulting all the local officials in his county (which includes St. Petersburg) that he apparently just pretends to work with when he isn't feverishly spewing bile at them online.

From their story:

After a Times report on fluoride and children's health Oct. 18, Reality's comment included: "Out of all the underprivileged folks they could interview, they picked one that needed an interpreter? Think about it."

In another post last year, Reality complained of "race pimps."

"And for God's sake ... Learn how to buy clothes that fit you so you don't walk around looking like an idiot thug trying to hold your pants up. Whitie isn't to blame for your ignorance."

In one comment this year, Reality criticized St. Petersburg City Council member Karl Nurse for "pinheaded comments" in a City Council endorsement.

Yet Roche and Nurse had lunch a few months ago without a hint of animosity, Nurse said.

And of course there's lots more vicious name-calling of his fellow public officials, but here's some more of his Swiftian wit dedicated to yelling at minorities:

Six months earlier, Reality commented on achievement levels in Pinellas schools. "When a white kid and a black kid sit in the same classroom and are given the same information, tasks, and assignments — and the black kid fails — it has nothing whatsoever to do with the teacher, the system, the unions, the funding, or the school. Start with a 70% out of wedlock birth rate.''

But, really, why hide such genius behind a cloak of anonymity? Why not soak up all the credit that is so obviously his due? Why not just come out right away and claim a Nobel prize for Literature, immediately?

Roche defended the comments as his free speech right and a necessity in the Internet era. He said using an assumed name removes the risk that comments are dismissed for partisan reasons.

Yes, because "partisanship" is the only reason, probably, why anyone would dismiss them. Oh Florida, never change. [St. Petersburg Times]


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