Insane Internet About To Commit Suicide Over Hillary Clinton's Existence

Christ, the Pennsylvania primary isn't until April 22 and at its current rate, the Internet will have long since committed suicide, over and over and over again. Over the last week, many bloggers have gotten so bored with the lack of actual news that they have become werewolves. Specifically, the level of violent rage directed at Hillary Clinton has reached that of Osama bin Laden in late 2001. Do not be surprised to see some of the bloggers below resort to self-immolation the next time Hillary Clinton says something on a radio show.

Josh Marshall:

It's also another example of the fog of nonsense that has increasingly enveloped the Clinton campaign. Spin is one thing. And it's not a bad thing. But to have utility it must be tethered to some relevant facts, some kind of reality. Otherwise it just descends into ridiculousness. There's always some new clever but inane argument to twist 'up' into something at least somewhat resembling 'down'. Or if not that, enough to keep your head spinning long enough not to notice for a while that 2 and 2 still equals 4. It's like getting snowed by a precocious adolescent or maybe Jon Lovitz's Tommy Flanagan.

Matt Yglesias:

Dragging things out 'till the convention stands a much, much, much higher chance of hurting Barack Obama's chances in the general election than it does of securing Clinton the nomination. I understand the calculation from the point of view of the heart of the Clinton campaign -- McCain beating Obama in the general means the Clintons still control the party, so there's no need to worry about helping McCain and you might as well hold on and hope lightning strikes. But the broader mass of unaffiliated elites and Clinton supporters who aren't literally on her payroll are, in my view, acting in a massively irresponsible manner.

Joe Sudbay (AMERICAblog):

Hillary Clinton has lost. She cannot win the Democratic nomination without causing a civil war in the Democratic party. Her recent actions, especially comparing herself to, and praising, McCain while undermining Obama, make it appear that she is willing to do just that -- split the party in two. Seriously, can you imagine McCain saying that that he had a lifetime of experience, Hillary had a lifetime of experience, but Romney didn't? That would never happen. It's unacceptable. And it has to stop. I get that it sucks to lose. But, it happens. Hillary needs to get over it, and let's get on with the real campaign.

And we saved the best for last: the world's biggest hater of the Clintons, the one who falls ill with every passing day that she is alive, the one who we truly believe would kill himself -- that's not even an exaggeration this time -- if Hillary Clinton won this nomination, Andrew Sullivan:

Once, I believe, she was motivated by good intentions and even now, I don't think she believes she is advancing anything but the common good. But she can never believe that her interests and the common good could ever be in conflict, which is to say, she has lost a moral compass beyond narcissism. That is sad in a human being and we are all prey to it. But in a potential president, it is very dangerous... She is a lost and dangerous soul, as her husband still is. She is, in my view, unfit to be president. Truly, deeply unfit.

Can you imagine having to live like Andrew Sullivan, every day? Maybe he and Hillary Clinton aren't so different after all.

Everyone calm down! Life will go on.


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