He has the look of a lunaticChaos reigned yesterday in Muncie, Indiana after a voter registration deputy viciously attacked a newspaper reporter. The reporter was interviewing a Ball State University student about last-minute voter registration applications when out of nowhere this crazed middle-aged douchebag named Will Statom said something horribly sarcastic to the reporter, so the reporter told him to shut up, and then the FISTS WERE FLYING because that is how they resolve political conflicts in hard-bitten Muncie.

The reporter, Nick Werner, was covering the Delaware County Election Board meeting, which Republican voter registration deputy Statom also attended. Apparently things got pretty heated, because Statom was so steamed afterward that he went after Werner. (Listen to the horrifying 911 call here!)

The college student who was being interviewed when the fight broke out said "(Statom) referred to us as 'You people.' I was very offended by that."

"You people" apparently referred to young voters working for the local Obama campaign. They went and got a bunch of people registered to vote, which presumably resulted in more work for people like Statom.

Anyhow, a congressional district candidate got a black eye trying to break up the rumpus and Statom was booked in the county jail on a battery charge.

Republican voting official attacks reporter [The Star Press]


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