Inside Baseball: Kerry Camp vs New York Times

So the NYT has a big piece on the inner workings of the Kerry campaign -- really highlighting the major players: How Tad Devine is doing, where Michael Whouley fits in, and, finally, what Doug Sosnick (yes, the Doug Sosnick) is up to these days: He's "marrying the list of targeted states and cities, based on the campaign's ever-changing polling,to the candidate's travel schedule" -- fuck, yeah! We wondered when the Times would get around to covering the Sosnick angle. . . bloggers have been buzzing about it for weeks. But the Times, as usual, misses the real story: Who are the Kerry team's caterers? Rumors are flying that they're dropping the tony, Manhattan-based Dean and DeLuca, and are taking on Marvelous Market -- who, it should be noted, catered the Clinton campaign. Dean and DeLuca is 0 for 7 with the presidential campaigns it's served. "You tend to listen to the Marvelous Market people," said a Kerry staffer, munching on a scone, "They've actually won one of these things."

Developing. . .

Familiar Democratic Faces, but New Duties in Kerry Camp [NYT]


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