Inside Baseball: Kerry Camp vs. Washington Post

mike mccurry, rock fucking starThe WP has another story today on who's "really running" the Kerry campaign -- a real must-read for all five people who care. We suspect the Kerry camp is so tired of these that they might just be making shit up. (Between forging documents, natch.) According to the WP, Joe Lockhart is the "chief strategist," which sounds normal enough, but Mike McCurry is "the adult on the plane" -- a title that seems impressive until you learn that John Sasso is the "uber adult" and "unofficial 'best buddy'" to Kerry. Uhm, yeah. Have they filled the "kindergarten cop" position yet? What about "second-best buddy"?

And why aren't we getting this level of important detail about the Bush-Cheney campaign? Does Bush have a "best buddy"? How many adults are needed on a plane that also carries Jenna and Barb? Perhaps most important: Who is their Doug Sosnick? They probably have plenty of time to go around assigning each other fun titles ("prince of darkness" is, of course, taken), because it's not like they're wasting time running on the issues, anyway. . . .

New Blood at Heart of Kerry Campaign [WP]


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