Inside the Aryan Nation

SF Weekly's Harmon Leon goes where only Donna Minkowitz has gone before; into the welcoming arms of a white-pride organization he refuses to name (cough National Alliance cough). Evidently, getting in just takes a well-written email:

Then I throw in for good measure: "Also, I hate the Jews! Lol"

And in closing I add, "Where shall we meet?"

The local leader of the hate group -- an organization that is a direct spinoff from the old American Nazi Party and that sees itself as carrying on Hitler's dream to purify the white race and prevent Jews and blacks from degrading "our" culture -- responds:

"How about Applebee's? I'll be coming with my wife, baby, and one other member. We can meet in the reception area. I'll be coming with two women and a baby?"

We always thought Applebee's looked like a white power refuge. Also? Never has a damn liquor license.

My Dinner at Applebee's With White Supremacists! [SF Weekly]


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